Rich Siegel has been an advertising copywriter/creative director for more than 20 years. He learned the business the old fashioned way, reading confidential memos while working as a mailroom clerk.

He has worked on many award-winning national accounts but is best recognized for ABC’s Yellow “TV is Good” campaign, which he created and developed with his partner and art director, John Shirley.

The book, Tuesdays With Mantu, My Adventures with a Nigerian Con Artist, completes the communications ‘hitting cycle’ for Mr. Siegel, who has also been involved with the writing of two feature films, a television show and the trade parody magazine, MADWEEK.

Of course it would be wrong to attribute all the writing credit to Mr. Siegel since fully half the book was written by unwitting Nigerian con artists.

There’s the very-accomplished Doctor/CPA/Petroleum Executive, Ibrahim Mantu who aspires to elected office. The volatile and incredibly-horny Tajudeen Datti who has a thing for Celine Dion. The oddly-named Barrister Thankgod Emeka Eze. And finally the lovelorn Mariam Abacha (widow of distinguished African General Sani Abacha) who finds her heart being tugged by an old man in Seattle with Testicular Osteoporosis.

Mr. Siegel is generously offering half of all book royalties to these co-authors. All they need to do is apply for an American visa and meet him at 419 Tinkerbell Lane, Fantasyland, Disneyworld, USA.